Source code for lacecore._mesh

import vg
from ._analysis.analysis_mixin import AnalysisMixin
from ._common.validation import check_arity, check_indices
from ._selection.selection_mixin import SelectionMixin
from ._transform.transform_mixin import TransformMixin

[docs]class Mesh(AnalysisMixin, SelectionMixin, TransformMixin): """ A triangular or quad mesh. Vertices and faces are represented using NumPy arrays. Instances are read-only, at least for now. This class is optimized for cloud computation. Args: v (np.ndarray): A `kx3` array of vertices. It will be marked read-only. f (np.ndarray): A `kx3` or `kx4` array of vertex indices which make up the faces. It will be marked read-only. copy_v (bool): When `True`, the input vertices will be copied before they are marked read-only. copy_f (bool): When `True`, the input faces will be copied before they are marked read-only. """ def __init__(self, v, f, copy_v=False, copy_f=False): num_vertices = vg.shape.check(locals(), "v", (-1, 3)) vg.shape.check(locals(), "f", (-1, -1)) check_arity(f) check_indices(f, num_vertices, "f") # TODO: Needs coverage. # if copy_f: # f = np.copy(f) # if copy_v: # v = np.copy(v) f.setflags(write=False) v.setflags(write=False) self.f = f self.v = v # TODO: Needs coverage. # @classmethod # def from_lace(cls, mesh): # return cls(v=mesh.v, f=mesh.f) # TODO: Needs coverage. # @classmethod # def from_trimesh(cls, mesh): # return cls(v=mesh.vertices, f=mesh.faces) def __repr__(self): return f"lacecore.Mesh(num_v={self.num_v}, num_f={self.num_f})" @property def num_v(self): """ The number of vertices. Return: int: The number of vertices. """ return len(self.v) @property def num_f(self): """ The number of faces. Return: int: The number of faces. """ return len(self.f)